Monday, February 19, 2007


Has it really been a month? Sheesh keeping this up is not as easy as i thought! well, was down for a week beacuse of a visit to the dentist. You know when they say the dentist invented the electic chair i believe them; its one of the most frightening places to be.

Anyhow check out this qoute:

Your past experiences cannot measure your future success.

How many of us can say we have done our very best on something other than an exam ,,(an even then..were we really applying ourselves?) think about it work, relationship, family do we give it our all?????

Friday, January 19, 2007


Okay my curly-haired-Caramel- freind just pointed out that one can not be lovingly forgotten.
Okay, what i meant was:

Would you rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered?


Would you rather be hatefully remembered or lovingly forgotten?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day one. ummm.

Last night i slept funny, so my elbow isn't bending. Its just in an 'L' . But i've resloved to blog. Could barely figure all this out but i must blog. This year. (i'm so naively excited!!)

My colleauge (howeveritisspelled) just dropped in to say that she is on leave for the next week so could i count the stock before she goes? She's off to the coast...sun, sand., SKY! I'm jealous but i smile anyway, she is a really nice girl. (Pause) I decide to approximate.--Hey, its home time and im the only one in my square...partitioned -desk thing.

You have no idea how long it took me to pick this theme, this template, this colour. I'm really indecisive. You should see me at restaurants--I get anxiety when the waiter comes. It's just that as soon as i kow what i want, and its all down in his notebook, I see something better...or i think about it and realise my tongue doesn't fancy fish...the taste maybe, but not the texture. Sure--the salad is an ideal choice --looks juicy and colourful but i like how the fries smell. It's all relative. but strangely i can be stubborn, when it suits me.

Anyhow, i'm 26 years old but i like to project by like 2 years so when im finally that age its a sweet surprise. So im 28.

I always thought at 28 i'd be tall and slender, you know aunty-like : decided, know what i want, funny, slightly impish and fun, yet delicate like my Auntie Lucy. Also i'd work--Maybe a dancer, Definately into the environment. But guess what? im still the same person i was. And i love that i am!

Me: Offbeat, alittle boy-ish, loud around freinds, quiet in crowds. Driven, big-eyed with my rather pudgy nose and plump lips. That is the Bantu in me. Someone once told me my eyes will remain like those of a child even when i'm fifty. An inquisitive glare he called it. (I damn hope so. Im freaked out about ageing.) I have my daddy's hands i think thats my favorite part of me. I dream to be an artist, i try to paint, poetry, write scripts. One of my redeeming qualities is that i KNOW I CAN NOT SING.

Anyway enough about me. On the first day anyway.

love that i am doing this.